I write and draw the comic strip for my college's newspaper (Ouachita Baptist University) and here's all the comics I've done to date.

  • Comic 26 - fantastic four reference. yay.
  • Comic 27 - inspired by true events
  • Comic 28 - college students get the shaft, until graduation
  • Comic 29 - I've discovered that this philosophy has holes in it
  • Comic 30 - lower and lower standards
  • Comic 31 - current events and a true story from my college town
  • Comic 32 - valentine's day sucks; "DTR" is an acronym on my campus for "Define/Determine The Relationship"
  • Comic 33 - once again based on real events
  • Comic 34 - MTV is full of crap
  • Comic 35 - I've never actually used facebook, figured I didn't need to if I had my own website.
  • Comic 36 - Ran out of time so I took shortcuts in this comic
  • Comic 37 - I laughed while I was drawing this comic I thought it was so funny. Hope other people did. Based off of real headlines.

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